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This time I tried
Bean Type:  Burbon Rojo
Grown by Rodolfo Ruffatti
of El Salvador

This is one of the larger bean packs I got from the first coffee delivery  for my Bonaverde Berlin roast+grind+brew coffee machine.

I used "roast only" in the alpha version of the "Coffee Concierge" Facebook Messenger Chat bot on Saturday.
Now it is Tuesday.


 Again I used my Hario Skerton manual coffee grinder at the finest setting (dust).


The espresso had slightly cold water this time. The IR-Thermometer meassured only 65°C but I believe that meassurement was in error as the water came fresh out of the coffee machine.
Again I used a Handpresso.
....the espresso was amazing. Perfectly mild and tasty. Not a hint of sourness or bitterness at all.

filter coffee

The filter coffee using the off-the-shelf Krups coffee machine was good.
Not as perfect as the espresso but a real good cup of coffee.
Absolutely no comparison to the "Almond" beans I tried yesterday.
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